Saturday, December 10, 2005

Cookies revisited

Two things:
1. I figured out how to put a blog onto so that you can see if someone has updated. The only thing is they have to have the "site feed" preference turned on.... so comeon... turn it on!! and put the post on your site for the URL so that I can link to it!

2. The cookies are baked!! We started at 8:30am, Beth and I did the groceries, and then Elliott and Kathryn arrived, and we baked until about 2pm. It took a while to prep the boxes etc. Whew! What a lot of cookies!!

1 comment:

bri said...

um, did i mention i'm coming over... cooooookies... mmm

i would probably see you on a run, as you said... except i don't have a mini anymore :( so i'm really only a "technical" member of the club... i paid. plus dee can't live without me (don't tell biff)