Monday, December 26, 2005

Costa Rica

We have made it through half of our trip. I am at an
internet cafe with my mom, who is sending email to
Adrian, so I figured I would post a post on the blog.
This is a Spanish keyboard and I cannot figure out how
to make apostrophes so there wont be any in this post.

We have had a very relaxing time. Martins house is on
the beach and we spend a lot of time just watching the
waves come in. The first day we say humpback whales
diving in and out of the ocean like dolphins. We also
saw monkeys at the house while we were unpacking the
car, and have seen them most days since. There is a
tiny baby that jumps around by itself every now and
again. We have been snorkling and seen morey eels,
pufferfish, and lots of colorful fish. We have surfed,
and walked on the beach, and collected shells. Weve
tried most of the restaurants in town and have been
ranking them based on how good we think the arroz con
camarones is. Weve looked at all the land for sale and
understand why people are trying so hard to live here.

We have 2 full days left and then back to reality,
desert, and dry. Yup, we are definately in a hot humid



deetour said...

sounds heavenly!

bri said...

psht, lucky!

deetour said...

R u back? I noticed you posted on the forum.

Defunct Lisa said...

Got back on Thurs... trying to get back into it...

Omar Cruz said...

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