Sunday, December 04, 2005


I know, I know, I haven't posted in a while.... Here's the sort version:
meetings and meetings on Mon, Tues, and Wed
6:40 am flight to Pittsburg; had lunch with Chris from the Pittsburgh office, went to room and worked, had dinner at the hotel.
Thurs, Mary Anne from Pittsburg picked me up and took me to the office; We had the Baker meeting in the morning, and then in the afternoon the US-VISIT and Baker executives joined us; I left at 4:45 with Julie (from Washington); went back to my hotel, changed, went to her parent's house, she changed, we went to another hotel, met up with the other Baker people, and drove to a party at Dave's house. The party was GREAT. I have never had such good catered food!! Beef tenderloin on the BBQ, shimp skewered with scallops, incredible crab cakes!! AMAZING. Finally left around midnight, I didn't even know it was that late until we got in the car. Then got back to my hotel at 1AM.
woke up at 5am to catch flight back to Phoenix.
Got home around 11am, unpacked, packed, hit the road for Tucson at 1pm - I was BEAT!!
Got Greg's race packet at expo, checked into Omni resort... went to dinner at a Texas steak place, to bed and crashed around 8pm
Up at 5am, dropped Greg off at the shuttle to the start of the marathon;
went back to hotel and slept for another 2 hours.
Went to mile 13 - half way... and started the "support" thing: cheering, driving, cheering, handing out Gu, gatorade, picking up hats, and water bottles......
Greg finished in 3:40ish, which is about 10 mins too much to qualify for Boston, his calves started cramping at about 10 miles in; and in the last 5 miles, I think he lost a whole 5 mins - oh well, next time. Thanks to Meg at home with the computer and calculator, she was able to help me find him since he was off pace.
We drove up the course to find his Camelbak, no luck; Camelbak number 2 offered to the race Gods.
Back to hotel, checked out, drove home, and now here we rae 3:20pm.
still to do laundry, groceries, unpacking, chilling, and prep for work tomorrow.

So, that's the latest for this weekend.

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