Sunday, July 16, 2006

Copy Cat

I'm going to copy Blackbird a little with a recap of the weekend:

Sat - Went on an insane drive. South from Phoenix through Tucson to Sierra Vista. It was really fun going down sandwiched in amongst the MINIs. Jabbing at people on the radio and zipping around the trucks and cars. I was pretty wiped out by the time we got down there, I'm not used to going that fast for extended periods. Believe it or not, even though people consider me a crazy driver, high speed on the straight is not my forte. Coming back with "harpo" and we hit a MAJOR haboob at Picacho Peak. Everyone was stopped on the highway waiting for it to pass. Crazy stuff!

Sun - ok, here's my homage to Blackbird.

bought a new phone; its still charging, so I haven't played with it yet

Started to build a floor for practicing my dancing. See the rubber stoppers? I need more!

and bought some more ducks. What do you think of all those ducks?

(ok, that was extremely annoying, in fact, I gave up doing it in Blogger and just created an email to my Blog. Blackbird, you have more patience than me!!)


missy&chrissy said...

we love the ducks!

blackbird said...

that's alotta ducks!