Monday, July 17, 2006

I can't believe I'm not the only one

I have sometimes wondered, but I've never looked to see if there is anyone else like me. I am somewhat in denial about my feelings because they are weird. Its hard to describe, and often when people find out, they just do things to make it worse. The other day I was alerted to this Salon page that describes someone just like me.
Except I don't think that the responder really understands the situation. Its not about hearing sounds loudly, or the inability to filter sounds, or one sound becoming dominant over the rest. Its about one particular group of sounds creating a hugely violent angry response.
yes, I am talking about the sounds of mastication: chewing, crunching, slurping, swallowing, popping gum, cracking gum, potato chips, apples, SALAD, nuts
For me it is exacerbated by situations that require concentration - a meeting, a classroom, concentrating
This is an affliction that I have lived with my entire life. I know that I used to yell at my mother and brother when I was a child. I used to scream at my brother for the sound of his teeth on a fork. I used to torment my mother to suck on her potato chips.
Some of my friends like to eat foods that annoy me on purpose! Some people forget just how torturous this is for me.
I am not an angry person, I am not a violent person, but the sounds of mastication make . me . IRRATIONALLY. angry!


deetour said...

I have similar issues. I like there to be some noise like music or the TV while I am eating and others are eating because I don't want them to hear me or me them. The movies are the worst because any time there is a quiet moment, it is all you hear. That and the annoying crinkling of someone "trying" to open candy quietly.

Defunct Lisa said...

OMG - I completely forgot about the movies!!!

Anonymous said...

If I have to sit next to someone and can't leave, and they are eating and making noises in their mouth, it even makes me cry. I wish I wasn't like this... :(