Monday, December 11, 2006

the season

I have been pretty behind on my blog reading and writing this past week.
My new workout regime has kept me pretty busy, and tired/drained.
I caught up on my reading this weekend, and realize that everyone is getting ready for the holidays with decorating, and cooking, and shopping.
I plan to make all my gift purchases online because I am in NO mood for parking and malling!
A couple weeks ago I went to the mall on a Sat afternoon with the intent of running into the Gap and replacing a pair of jeans that had ripped. I drove through half of the parking lot and there were no spaces! Plus there were people stalking the mall leavers to follow them to their parking spaces. So I said, screw it, and left. Its not like I needed those jeans NOW! I starting thinking that 10-noon on a Sunday would be a good time to go 'cause all those people would be at CHURCH! ha ha.
Anyway.... I am behind on doing my cards! I am behind on doing my online shopping! I am only not behind on my kitchen! which is all moved in and ready to function.
This weekend is the cookie baking extravaganza. See archives for past editions (posting from email therefore no quick access to link links).
I have so much going on, I actually think I'm going to take a calendar and write it all down!
Its probably not as much as the past, but I have a harder time getting things done now that I'm OLD!
I'll let you know how it all goes.

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Aaron Stiner said...

OLD! HA...funny...