Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blog Review

I have recently dedicated some time to Sweet Juniper.
This is a site maintained by the Parents (Dutch and Wood) of Juniper.
It seems that they may have started the site to keep in touch with each other when he went back to work (?) - maybe.
Anyway.... I noticed it in the past through links, and I was intrigued by the photography. They take photos of interesting things always with Juniper in the frame. The photos are interesting because its not a photo of Juniper, so she is always somewhat distracted, or not posed. But she is ALWAYS wearing something interesting. That's what hooked me first. The incredible outfits they have on this child.
They don't have the site on a feed, so I never "watched" 'cause I rely on my feed reader.
Then I visited again, and noticed a post by the dad, Dutch, on Christmas presents for the daughter. And what they did for year 1, and maybe also year 2, is instead of buying her toys - which she didn't need - they spent her present money on clothes from people who sew and sell their wears/wares. This hooked me even more because I thought it was an interesting value to a) not want to buy your kid pounds of plastic and b) put value on what she wears by supporting small time manufacturers.
So - I gave the site some time the other day, and I have to say, he is a GOOD writer - hooks you, keeps you hooked for LONG passages, and these people believe and act on their values.
I have never felt a blog worthy of musing... but this one is - I think.

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Aaron Stiner said...

Nothing in particular to say...just wanted to let you know I was "lurking" =)

deetour said...

lurking as well