Thursday, January 04, 2007

Musings: a series: intro

We have our reviews at work in a couple of MONTHS. but my supervisor has asked that we all start a) talking to our staff and b) start thinking about ourselves.
There is a LIST of things they want us to think about, and honestly, I just . don't . know.
So - I have decided to ponder here amongst the musings.
Exhibit 1
The Questions

1. Current Job title or Role:

2. Vision Statement:

3. Business Competency Development Need:  Project Management; Industry Knowledge; Functional Skills.

4. Behavioral Competency Development Need:  Communications; Leadership; Problem Solving; Customer Focus.

5. Technical Competency Development Need:  Architecutre; Construction; Engineering; Finance; GIS; Human Resources; Marketing; etc.

6. Why were these selected for development?

7. What will be done to develop them?

8. How will success in each be measured?



how much fun in one place!


Exhibit 2

my supervisor's way of explainging things

Imagine two sets of three circles set one represents your Need, Desire, Skills set two represents the company's Opportunity, Desire, Skills

We want our people's intersection to match the company's intersection.


for the record:
there will be two contexts....
context 1 = the actual answers to the questions
context 2 = what I can actually put on my review.
because I can tell you now, if I asked them to use me the way that matches all these answers, I know right now that there is not a job for me here.

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