Monday, April 23, 2007

Knock Knock

is anyone there?
oh! Aaron! hey, Hi! good to see you again!
Yeah, I haven't been around much lately... SO much has happened, and the thought of going through it all is daunting, and so I avoid.
and to briefly summarize the last 3 weeks:
Dad and stepmom + youngest brother + oldest brother and wife (M&M) all in my house for two weeks
Middle brother and all his college friends over for Fri Night - thanks to Dad and the Italian place next door, I didn't have to cook!
MORE kosher-for-passover matzo !
BBQ party for the whole family gang + all my close Phoenix friends + all of milddle brother's college friends; again! thanks to Dad, Greg, everyone who brought food, and my oldest brother, I didn't have to cook, or clean up
Everyone left except M&M and he cooked an INCREDIBLE meal everynight for a week.
Now they are off to Coachella, and we are alone in the house - good and bad - if you know what I mean.
Sat: Flamenco show in Gilbert at 11, lunch, drive to Flagstaff, late for tech rehersal at 4pm, show at 7:30, drive home, bed at 11!
I just sent this to my mom in an email, it kinda captures today:
Today my new rate starts, and I feel under extra pressure to be "worth" the extra $8/hr.
Plus one of the guys that I've been "shadowing" is being assigned to TX for a year, so I will be 100% in-charge of a bunch of engineering projects where I'm just winging it at every moment.
so - all the pressure and stress just escalated.
Greg and I are going to Austin on Thursday for the Society for American Arch conf. DeAnn is coming too, and I'm giving a presentation on Friday AM (!!!)
I intend to spend the rest of the weekend in the hotel room watching TV and maybe make an appnt for a massage - instead of going to any sessions !!!!!
I am also trying very hard to not let work interfere with my working out!
and one of my flamenco fellows asked if I would like to do semi-privates with her as well as the Tues class; I said yes.

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aabart said...

"so - all the pressure and stress just escalated." We all know you LOVE it this way =)