Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adam works magic with the universe

My youngest brother, Adam, was scheduled to return to Australia on a Thursday.
He really didn't want to go.
He wanted to stay the weekend and continue the merrymaking with his two older brothers.
My Dad told him that the cost to change the ticket was not worth it, that he had obligations to his soccer team on Sat, and that he should be in class on Monday.
We took Adam to the airport for his evening flight during a CRAZY wind storm that had come out of nowhere. I was almost afraid of driving my little car in the gusts. Adam was scheduled to fly to SF to catch an 11PM flight to Sydney.
About an hour later, he called us to say that his flight was delayed two hours, he'd miss his connected to Sydney, and the next flight they could get him on to cross the ocean was on Monday !!!
His options where to fly to SF and spend the weekend in a hotel, or come back to my house and take another flight to SF on Monday for the international flight - which coincidentally was the same one his parents were on.
And I'm sure you can guess what he decided to do.

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