Sunday, April 29, 2007

Was it the right decision?

Sometimes, I guess, you get a chance to go backwards in time and reevaluate a decision.
This past weekend, we went to THE American archaeology conference. I gave a paper and Greg had a booth. The last one I went to was 10 years ago. Isn't that crazy?
I was expecting to sit in my session, give my paper, and spend the rest of the time waiting for Greg.
Well, that didn't happen.
I ran into so many people that I know, from so many different contexts, it was insane!
People I haven't seen in over 10 years.
I even decided to go to some sessions other than my own and see what research people are working on.
So what was the decision I got to reevaluate?
About 6 years ago, I decided to stop pursuing my career as an archaeologist. I decided to go into management in a general sense. So, I stopped doing research, I stopped reading research, I stopped going to the regional conferences, and I stopped staying in touch.
Sitting in these meetings, I got to think about whether or not that was the right decision - for me.
I would expect that some of the people I ran into thought that it was a loss that I am not doing research and contributing to the field. I know that people thought I was really good at that.
I have learned that there are a lot of things I am good at. There are a lot of things that I could spend all day doing. Starting with being a school teacher, being a mom, baking, cooking, sewing, being a research archaeologist.
But you know, just because you're good at something, doesn't mean that its something you should be doing all day.
I don't want to do any of those things above all day.
In sitting in those sessions and reevaluating my decisions, I realize that I have made the right one. Being a Project Manager uses my strengths, uses my skills, and provides me with challenges that I want to take on, and that's the difference. I know what the challenges are for the listed items above, and I don't really care to take them on.
What I'm doing now gets me out of bed in the morning and makes my commute in traffic worth it.
That may be a change from some of the posts I've put up in the past - so I'll tell you that a couple months ago, I started working with a new project manager on projects for a different client. And I am having fun. Last week, I was officially moved over to the Civil Department. I am no longer a group lead, I am no longer a division head, I am no longer responsible for business development in a field I think is STUPID! I no longer supervise the emotionally unstable girly boy who yelled at me!
and yes, I am happy about all of the above.

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deetour said...

Congrats my dear! You have found your niche!