Saturday, June 16, 2007

get your GROOVE on

Yowzers! did we have fun last night!
M&M alerted us that one of their friends, Lorin aka BASSNECTAR, was playing at the Goat Head Saloon in Mesa. I was - to say the least - shocked. I've been waiting for one of these SF DJ's to come to the good ol' valley of the sun, and was expecting said DJ to show up in Snobsdale. But, no, its a hole-in-the-wall dive, this Goat Head.
The opening DJ was a local. I was excited to hear him based on his page, but his set was nothing like his site's. But, we danced up a storm to the tracks he laid. Of course, since he wasn't the headliner, the floor was EMPTY! which is just the way I like it.
Lorin started up by saying to the crowd "get up here close to the stage! if you stand in the back like 6th graders, I'm gonna play 6th grade music all night" one-two-three: floor is PACKED!
It is SO cool to be live while a talented DJ is putting it altogether, responding the the crowd, the mood, and the flow. TOTALLY getting down with the music. It was like watching a painter create, or a dancer choreograph, it was visceral.
The concensus was to leave in the middle of the set (1am, so not too shabby for these 9pm bedtime peeps), but I really felt like that was sacrilege to "waste" the end of something so rare.
My consolation is that the man with be in BRC come August with the rest of these creative souls - so I will get to be awed again.

Do you know... are there DJ's in Phoenix who make music? and to be explicit, what I'm talking about here, is not just "mixing" from one song to the next, I'm talking about making music!


Scottsdale Girl said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHahahahah - SNOBSDALE, dude I tewtally thought I had heard them all (Specifically SNottsdale)

*waves from Old Town*

Musing said...

Well, everyone says Snottsdale, so I thought I try something different. I don't really know what the Snott thing means... like, people are snotty? Isn't more of a snobby place? I mean, even the Biltmore isn't as snobby or snotty as the FASHION square!

aabart said...

I want more, more, more, more dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing! Think we will try the goat again Lisa? Burning Man, Burning Man, Burning Man, Burning Man, dance, dance, dance, dance! Dance until I pass out - wake up, dance some more!

Scottsdale Girl said...

Acktually ( said in brit accent) I think that NORTH Scottsdale is horrifically snobby and snotty while SOUTH Scottsdale is laid back and cool,. Guess which part I live in?