Tuesday, June 12, 2007

O' Buddha, leave me alone!

Greg always tells me that the Buddha is trying to teach me patience; and that's why so much of my life tries my patience so.
Today, the Buddha threw the book at me.
I don't really want to vent about the what's and the why's
I just want the universe to know, that I am trying very hard to keep my voice calm, to not snap, to not snap at people, to be nice.
I think, though, that I failed.
I walked out of the dry cleaners because I was about to bite off the heads of the people and scream as loud as the loudest monster while my hair stood straight up and my face turned green, so loud that it formed wind and storms and hurricanes, and the people in the buildings next door cowered in the corners shaking.
speaking of screaming green monsters.... here's a story.
My maternal cousins are girls - two of them - when they were little and I was babysitting, they sometimes didn't buy that I had the authority to tell them what to do. So they would resist. I would tell them that if they didn't do as I said I would scream and shout and turn into a horrible scary monster and all the people in the world would get scared and run away !
and they would comply immediately.
My half-brothers, on the other hand, got wide-eyed, and started jumping up and down with excitement taunting me:
"do it, do it, do it".
how funny, that even before the age of 4, the girls were scared and the boys were adrenaline junkies!

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