Saturday, April 25, 2009

US Car Manufacturers

I don't really have strong political opinions often, but there is one thing going on right now that is driving me NUTS, and since this is my venue for pushing my opinionated opinion in a public setting, here goes...

So, the US car manufacturers are suffering and looking for help from the government.
They are not making sales, therefore, not making profits.
And of course, the help is requested so that they don't have to lay off people and add to the high unemployment numbers. So that's the pulling-on-the-heartstrings "help us" line.

Here's my rub.
1. They killed the electric car for stupid selfish reasons.
2. When car manufacturers outside the US started building more fuel efficient, affordable cars, they instead SUPER-sized. "Daddy George will protect us by keeping the oil coming" "Americans like big cars" "Big cars are safer".

What did the people do? They said:
Speak with your Wallet! Don't buy these big cars! Don't support these manufacturers!

so, umm, hello, no one's buying their cars!!
why is it a surprise?!

This is a basic tenant of capitalism.

The consumers are speaking with their wallets and letting the manufacturers know "We don't want huge gas-guzzling cars"! If those manufacturers are not listening by changing their focus, they deserve to go under.
They are the ones who took on the responsibility of all these employees; they are the ones abusing that role, not the US Government.

Now the government is giving them money, with conditions, and the media is making THAT the story.
You know, if you bailed out a company that was suffering because of a bad business decision, wouldn't you "loan" that money conditional on those business decisions changing?
Why should the government be any different?
In fact, if they gave OUR tax money to these manufacturers without any conditions on changing their ways, wouldn't that just be "enabling" the perpetuation of whatever got them into trouble in the first place?

So, come on, Media!!! Get the story straight!
US Car Manufacturers need to take responsibility and listen to the LOUD voices of the consumer!
Make smaller cars, stop your propaganda about safety in size, and focusing on efficiency.

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