Sunday, September 13, 2009

Changes, transitions, the future

Do you know this?
I went to college in the Hudson Valley of New York. I loved it. I was very sad to leave and after a few months in my new state of Arizona, desperately wanted to go back.

Over the years in Arizona, I was jealous of people who got to leave. I had a minor opportunity to move to Washington DC at one point, but the opportunities weren't enough to motivate Greg to consider leaving too.

Well, I'm not tied to those string anymore.

A couple months ago, my boss made a joke at a meeting that I should take the lead on an opportunity in DC. At the time I said no - I'm not impulsive.
After some time went by, I started thinking, "why not?"
After many months of meetings, travels, trips, discussions, negotiations...

I am moving!

After the first domino was knocked over, the others are falling in line...
Accomodations in the DC Metro area have been obtained, movers have been secured, packing has begun, and driving dates determined.

The next couple of weeks are going to be NUTS!
I'm headed to Toronto to visit with my cousins, completing paperwork on new living arrangements, and then coordinating for the packing and moving of my personal goods across the country. The month will end with a direct journey mostly on I-40 to start living in my new home in Virginia on October 1.

How exciting is that?

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Karin said...

So cool, Lisa. I am so glad I will be able to be able to hear it all first hand soon. We should try and see each other more now that we are within an hour flight.