Thursday, December 31, 2009

Diving the Indian Ocean

Early the morning after the wedding, we piled into the little car and headed east to Sodwana Bay for some diving.

(Link to Google Maps)

It was an easy drive with lots to look at.




On our way to Sodwana Bay for diving

Sodwana Bay is a place that I grew up going to for summer vacation - which was Christmas and New Year's - with family friends. This was a VERY remote place in those days. Just some campsites with concrete bathrooms. We had to take all our food, water, and living needs. There was no diving at that time, because there was no power or infrastructure. We used to drive up the beach a couple bays and pick a spot with no kids, and just hang out all day.

Well, not so much anymore!
This is a diving mecca with all these different outfits taking people out... there are lodges and hotels, and POWER, water you can drink, a/c in the cabin, my own bathroom with my room, TV!
Sodwana Bay Lodge

At the Sodwana Bay Lodge, you are assigned a porter/caretaker/person who is responsible for the stuff you rent. This is George, he wouldn't let us do any of our own prep! Which was weird for us because our first day of training was about setting up your gear, and why you need to do everything twice! George knew what he was doing, and by day 2 we were letting him boss us around.
George and Lisa.  George was our porter.

You go out with a Dive Master (ours was Dennis) who ensures your safety on the boat
A little rough to get to the dive sites but definitely fun!!

in the water
Picture 002

and makes sure you are enjoying the best spots at the dive sites.
(We spent our dives on 2-mile reef, and Dennis took us to a different spot each day)

And wow, what incredible diving it is.

Clown Fish



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