Friday, January 01, 2010

A Moment of Peace

We planned this trip with a day off in Swaziland.

(Link to Google Maps)

Diving always wipes you out, and with all the wedding and driving, we hadn't really had time to get over the jetlag. So this day was intended as a rest day before heading to the Kruger National Park.

We had another interesting drive through the Kingdom of Swaziland...


Hamlet in Sawziland

One of the groups of people on our dive boat were from Swaziland, and they were telling us about this big dam project on the Komati river where you could drive over the huge dam. Having just moved away from Arizona and the progress of the Hoover Dam Bypass, we had to swing by and see Maguga Dam.

Phophanyane (pronounced Popanyanee) Falls is a nature reserve in the middle of tree farms (grown for paper).
Phophonyane Falls entrance

Its a progressive waterfall where they have made some pools along its route.

(doesn't look real, does it?)

Adding to the peacefulness was the fact that we were the only guests for the night and day we were there.
(gateway to our room)

It was rainy the whole time, and I decided that meant I should not move off of the bed.
Our bungalow for a couple of nights

Eric was more energetic and went for a walk.
Out for a stroll

On the first morning, we heard this sound like someone scratching their butt, coming from the roof. We went outside to find that we had neighbors.

They entertained us all morning by chasing each other around the swimming-pool deck.


Very serene, very peaceful, the stop definitely prepared us for what came next...

(Just after driving over the border between Swaziland and South Africa)

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