Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Garden - Spring Whimsy

I enjoy making wreaths. I have made some pretty cool ones over the years... fall leaves pinned to straw, late summer grasses in bundles on wire, fake fruit on grapevine. I feel like the door to my current house requires a wreath! It is a green door, with a brass knocker.

I had this one on the door for winter.

A Martha Stewart dyed corn husk. I thought the colors went well with my green door.

I left it up for a long time because I had nothing to replace it.
With my work travel slowing down, and things getting under control on the schedule, I made a trip to Michaels to get some idea.

I got an idea, they did not have all the supplies, so I ordered the rest on-line, and as soon as they came, I made it!
I think it is pretty cool.
What do you think?




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