Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garden - Blooming!

Things are beginning to bloom!

I don't know what the flower in the middle is called, but I love it. It was already in the bed when we moved in. The leaves are a dark purple color, and the flowers are pale pink. Together, they are an amazing contrast to all the green.
I am happy to notice, that it has propagated to the other side of the path also.


The pots on the porch are doing well. I love the contrasting colors and am glad I chose the marigolds. I cleaned out the weeds and dirt between the pavers and put down mulch. Looks much nicer. I love the view down the side of our house.
When my favorite neighbor lived next door, I had plans to divide my hostas and put them in her bed on the opposite side of the walkway. That would have made the alley so welcoming. I don't want to do anything nice for the new neighbor.


Azaleas, purple double columbine!, and dianthus...

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