Sunday, May 25, 2014

May Growth

I went on a trip to San Diego recently, and in looking at the gardens realized that there are some things that I have put in my garden in the past that I did not do this year.
Last year I had a fuchsia in the hanging basket. We didn't get to see how it would grow because we gave its life in favor of some birds that nested in the pot. With my seagrass birdhouse/nest hanging above the pot this year, I could have tried again. I don't recall seeing any fuchsia at the garden store, and am thinking maybe the cold weather this year gave it a late start. I'm making this note to see if I can remind myself to try again next year.

Lobelia... I love the bright blue flowers. Again, none at the garden center.

So, let's see how the garden is doing this year...
The pots are looking great! of course, we've had rain and no super hot days. The super hots are the demise of the pots.

2014-05-25 08.08.21

2014-05-25 08.08.03

2014-05-25 08.10.40 HDR

LOVE how this urn turned out this year.
2014-05-25 08.07.34

Kitchen window border:
2014-05-25 08.09.26

Look at the yellow iris!
2014-05-25 08.07.17

I love this bed. Gets fuller every year! Working on getting the other one to look like this too - and fill in some of the blank spots ;-)
2014-05-25 08.09.12

2014-05-25 08.09.03

2014-05-25 08.08.55

Front bed:
2014-05-25 08.08.48 HDR

Foxgloves are playing games with me. I originally planted a white one, and added a pink. The white gave me 2 years, and the pink 1. I replaced the pink in the second year. Now I have no white, and the second year of the pink. I thought they were perennial, but maybe they are biennial?
2014-05-25 08.09.34

And look at what's on the lamp post!!
2014-05-25 10.25.58 HDR

2014-05-25 10.26.04 HDR

2014-05-25 10.26.03 HDR

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