Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Modern Woman

Sometimes I think through all the "services" a woman should have on hand... some are from my own experience, but then I'll hear something or read a blog where I realize there is another service that some women have on hand. To help those young ladies on their way, here's a list.

Hair stylist - cut and color

Aestheticism - wax, thread, facials

Nail tech - mani pedi, acrylics

Seamstress/tailor - everything should be custom fit for you

Dry cleaner

Nanny/mother's helper

Massage therapist


Personal Trainer?

If you figure the schedule of how often you see all the personal hygene services, you can book up your life just with pampering.

How many of these do you have?
Did I miss any?


MERLE said...

I can do without all the others you have mentioned. I used to need them all. Now I only need the company of like minded friends and a hair stylist in order to feel pampered.

MERLE said...

Oh,just realized your title was "A Modern Woman". I don't think I fall into that category anymore. Oops!

Karin lewis said...

house cleaner
personal assistant
personal coach