Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Marsmen" (my brother at 9, installment 4)

4 JUNE 1990
Marsmen Live in a space, well actually Marsmen live on Mars. One day Marsman 1 was working in his crater cruncher, he was making a moat around his house. It was dusty so he went to Marsman 2 for some tea. Marsman 3 walked past and came for tea too. We had talked for quite a while when Marsman 1 came up with an idea. “Why don’t we start a town?” He said. Good idea said Marsman 1 and Marsmanm 2 and Marsman 3. So that is why Mars is called “Marsmenmound”!

This is the east side of Mars where Marsmenmound is. See Marsmen 1, 2 and 3?
Here is the code:
1 is for Marsman 1
2 is for Marsman 2
3 is for Marsman 3
(Yellow dot) is for Marsman 1’s house
(Red dot) is for Marsman 2’s house
(Pink dot) is for Marsman 3’s house
And (11 dots) is for Mars.
The End.

The picture shows an orange fence surrounding Marsmound. Inside the fence are hundreds of brown circles. There are a yellow, a red, and a pink spaceship shaped house. In the front of each house is a Marsman (antenna and all) and a crate-cruncher.

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