Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden - End of May

[Edited to add some responses from my Mom]

Memorial Day brought the hot and humid. It will be interesting to see what happens in the garden once things warm up. Here is where we are today.

I had to prune off every rose flower because they were all spent at the same time. I also doused them with poison because they were getting holes in the leaves, yellow leaves, all things rose issue related. Let's hope they have a second bloom.

Looking from the door down the side garden.
I want the WHOLE of both beds to look like this!
overgrown and full of flowers.
the sweet peas are nearly to the top of their tower. I have no idea if there are morning glory seedlings alive under all that!
Obviously, my color combinating is off with yellow next to yellow and white next to white. Oh well, unplanned is my methodology.
[Yellow beside yellow - put something blue in between them in the fall.]

Close-up of the yellow by yellow. Nasturtiums in the back.

Did you see this on the left in the first photo? Amazing color! My mail carrier likes this so much, she actually commented last year.
[Add some more Day Lilies or even plant a few oriental Lilies beside the dark pink one - their flowers are amazing.]

The front bed has come alive!
What do I do with the fox glove now that it is done?

Do Chrysanthemums bloom more than once?
[Ask your nurseryman about the Chrysanthemum. If it is going to die back, put a fall flowering perennial next to it.]

Loving the colors!

Buddleia is blooming.
How do I stop it from being so spikey, and more of a bush?
[The Buddlia is only one year old. It will take about three years and a lot of fertilizer before it's a free standing bush. Stake it until then.]

[What is under the Cape Myrtle?
What about some Shasta Daisies in the front garden?]

The Begonia in the hanging basket has taken off.

and we have been watching a little sparrow make a nest in the other side.

You cannot see it unless you get up close.

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