Tuesday, March 07, 2006

...and then in the continuing effort

to be COMPLETELY voyeristic...

There is now a list of blogs I visit daily in order to stay on top of what is going on in these people's lives.
and the other day, I realized that I had reached a new level.

I had begun to get to know the "friend" circle.

and I realized:
a) there is this WHOLE world of people who have created a COMMUNITY in personal Blogs!!
b) you really are voyeristic when you need to know who came over for dinner on Sat!
c) you are now cruising the family photo albums on Flickr, and you think of these people as FRIENDS!

and when you pass on to your friends that you are getting worried about yourself... you get this for a response:

"I know, what the hell is wrong with me that I am so freaking keyed into these peoples lives.... like, "I wonder when Heather and John get back from Amsterdam?
I wonder if Leta is really talking a lot now? What is Chuck up to? etc... Am I just a lame-o? Oh wait, you are engrossed in it too... "

... so I gave up and created a personalized Google homepage with only one "content"
to all these blogs...

I'm also very good at adding things into the Yahoo RSS feed function so that I can see the updates in my inbox.

so either I'm bored, boring, sick, or not into my job and life !

I wasn't gonna, but I will put in some....

master b.




brianna said...

dooce is THE BEST. i seriously check for updates like 3 times a day. if my internet is down for more than like, 3 minutes, i FREAK OUT. it's sad really.

deetour said...

I check brianna's every chance I get.