Thursday, March 23, 2006

please tell me...

that is will NOT become socially acceptable to walk around with your bluetooth headpiece on your ear even though you are not actively using it.
this will be unacceptable for the following reasons:
1. it implies that if it "rings" you will give that call precedence over the person who is in front of you; or any person you might run into; it means that you are giving precedence to your cell phone - period
2. people will begin to look more like robots, which means that it will not be long before it is socially acceptable to BE a robot
If you do choose to walk around with the thing attached to your ear like the cops in 5th element; then it should be because you are using it as an accessory, like a fashion statement; in which case, your outfit should fit the statement; ie you should NOT be wearing white leggings with visible panty line and a lime green tank top with bra straps showing!!!! This does not accompany the fashion statement of the BT headset!

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aabart said...

I think it would be great for it to be socially acceptable to be a robot. Its about the same as being a Republican and that, for some wack reason, is socially acceptable.

Do you know a lot of people who wear white leggings? Maybe it is an archeology thing...