Tuesday, March 07, 2006

oooo, something else

I have an ongoing theory that is in the "proof" stages that every Folb is related to all the rest. I know, lots of families are that way... but so far, I have been able to trace all Folbs to these 5 brothers who left eastern Europe at the same time.

yesterday, my theory was tested again. and it stood up.

I was contacted through Skype by David Folb - and I thought, is this my uncle? but the guy is from England????
Yup - some Folb brothers in England, David and Michael.

Martin also joined in, and we had this big Folb Skype session with the 4 sibs.
They seem like pretty fun guys....

now I need to find my geneology stuff so I can add them too it.

Problem with this getting older thing, is I have NO idea where I put it.
I can't even start looking 'cause I have forgotten if it is electronic or paper!

God, I'm hopeless!!!!

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