Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Big news for now, at least in my little world

We are going to remodel the kitchen. Our kitchen is on the west side of the house and there is a LARGE screen porch sticking out from its windows, so it gets no light. It also has a dropped ceiling, OLD oak cabinets, and gross tile on the counters and backsplash. Last summer we had to replace the fridge and dishwasher, so we have 50% new appliances. The contractor got the deposit this week, and so the cabinets will have 8-10 weeks to be built. We need to decide on counter tops, backsplash, fume hood, and sink before the date of demo/install. We are also installing 2 skylights, can lights, and pendants over the island. I think it will be SMASHING!!!

Other than that, live goes on... March is the month of Scottsdale Center for the Arts shows... we are in the middle of 3 in 2 weeks - whew! Considering we do this season ticket thing to have entertainment all year, we didn't do a good job of planning for this season.. oh well...

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