Friday, October 13, 2006

Blog observations

I have been traveling around the midwest (well, midwest by my definition - NC and PA) and have been spending alot of time alone with the internet. this means I've been reading blaugs. Even going through archives. I currently have three in rotation, and if I give them to you, you'll see how behind I am.
Amalah -03/04
Dooce - 10/15/02
and incase you are also a fan, I put the month and year I am up to too.

As you can see, I'm working my way through Amalah more quickly - and I guess its 'cause she's just so darn funny!
In her life, she has just started treatments to get preg-o, so she's childless and commuting.
The interesting part is seeing the commenting increase and to watch how things change.
The funny - strange funny - thing is that 2 of her commenters are other blogs I read.

Miss Zoot and Rude Cactus

I think I found Zoot through Amalah, so that's not so surprising, but Rude Cactus was like a big "huh!?"

See, I found him from Master b., who is actually someone I know!
(this is like a 7 degrees game - hee hee)

And here's something else - he's not an her blogroll!
Did something happen between them,
Is there SCANDAL in the Blogsphere??!

I guess I have to keep reading to find out!


deetour said...

What about "Tina talks a lot"? You know her too. Although she doesn't blog as much as she talks. ;)

Lisa said...

you mean this Tina:

she's even less frequent than me!! ;-)

I got started on the blog thing by YOU!! Mz D! and then got turned on to all the pro's by my friend Kat... who was stuck at home with a newborn learning about the world of the momblog! now I'm addicted as much as I am to reality TV and Gilmore Girls. Do you see the trend? Voyeur!

deetour said...

I wuv Gilmore girls!!!

vasilisa said...

I found your blog through Amalah's blog (cause I'm also quite systematic in reading posts and comments on blogs I like...) But I usually start with the most recent post first and work my way back :-)

Lisa said...

Welcome Vasilisa....