Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday morning blogs

Spent the morning reading blogs on my new toy. I think that the blogs I enjoy are all written by people who are writers. It makes me feel less bad about the pitifulness of the entries I post. The writers are creative, entertaining, funny.... I'm all matter of fact, dry, list'y... blegh.

In the end, though, that's who I am, and its not like I can suddenly become a creative writer after spending all my formative years avoiding English, creative writing, and being trained as a technical writer... you can't overnight stuff like that! Boy, if I could, I've overnight fix the fat on my stomach, the curve in my shoulders, and the lost time with my retainer!

Anyway... I have been reading back through the archives of some of my favorite bloggers, and its fun to notice when they start getting comments, and how their blogs change when they move from personal to public. The funny thing is that the comments all start hitting at once. So you don't know if people were lurking and waiting for the first person to post - like a high school dancefloor - or if its a coming together of the internet and after you've done your dues and stuck it out, the "world" finds you!!

I wouldn't mind finding some people like me on the internet... I think about it sometimes, and I realize that the issue is with me. My interests are so disparate that its hard to find people who are as random. And then I wonder, I don't really like that I am like the people who's blogs I read, nor do I know that I could be friends with them, so is this blogging world really a place where you can find virtual friends?

BTW - LOVE this new beta Blogger!

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