Saturday, October 14, 2006


Ok, I just found my newest favorite TV show.... this is better than Sex, better than Sopranos, and better than all the reality TV in the world !! well, maybe not the Amazing Race... not sure I'm ready to give that up. I am talking about Weeds. Wowzers!! Its hard to figure out what it is that gives this show its magic. There's humor, honesty, real-life reality, and a touch of the absurd! I am SO impressed at the creativity of the person who thought of the concept, the plot lines, the dialogue. Absolutely amazing!

At first I was disappointed that it was a 1/2 hour show... and then I learned, that the shortness is a part of the magic. All that action, story, and character development in such a little bit of time. I think that a large part of the power is in the cast. Mary-Louise Parker! I have always loved her! Boys on the Side was POWERFUL! and she does the suburban housewife too... and Elizabeth Perkins? incredible!! The whole cast! even the kids. This is some MUST SEE TV ! I would say its worth the Showtime premium, but I think that watching an episode and having to wait a week for the followup would be like TORTURE!


deetour said...

I wish I had Showtime so I could watch that...and Queer as Folk. Also want to watch the L word. They have such great shows on there.

Heidi said...

where have you been woman? Please tell me you saw the back episodes before starting this season?! It's a GREAT show.

Lisa said...

I don't have those channels either, Dee.... however, NETFLIX has EVERYTHING!!! you just have to wait until the season is available... that's the only bummer... so, Heidi, yes, I've watched the backstory, not the current; I'll have to wait probably YEARS before its availabe... and I find myself MISSING the characters! geek!

Jenny said...

Man, you're like the 98th person to say that.

I've gotta go rent it.