Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The Captured Coral" (my brother at 9, installment 2)

Another story from my brother, at nine years old.
I remember bedtime stories about Pudge and Fish Fingers.

9 September

One August day the captain, Mr Huges, of the Alexander the Great, was getting ready for the long voyage from Spain to Switzerland. At 12:00 the captain called his crew from the pub. They were very drunk. One by one the captain pushed them in the sea. As they came out they were as healthy as a doctor. Sam, Howard, Mr Pudge, Jofhy and their parrot, Fish-Fingers. It was now 1:30 and the harbour was open. The ship moved out to the blue sea like a paper boat. they hoped to make it to Switzerland in two weeks time. But now another day or two. Time past and the saw Rome. A bleek place with tall buildings, short buildings, and small houses. At the end of the point of the island, they saw a reef. A big beautiful place. The ship went past slowly. the crow's nest suddenly shouted. "Sir, the stern". the captain turned the ship but it was much too late. "Crunch" they heard. The ship broke in two. Water filled the hull. Down went the bow. "Help!" screamed Howard the cook. He drowned. The captain and Pudge, Sam and Fish-Fingers were saved. "Where is Jophy?" said Sam. They all looked about. They gave up and started to explor the reef. Howard was dead for three minutes now. The men suddenly saw a chest. Inside was a big piece of coral. "The Stolen Coral" screamed Sam who had just been reading the newspaper. The men were lucky enough to find the boat. They rowed back and were now big heroes.

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