Monday, January 25, 2010

"The Wonder Wagon" (my brother at 9, installment 3)

Aaah, the mind of a 9-year old boy!

August 1980
My name is Jack.  I live in Iran.  Iran is like a big, big desert with a few trees and shrubs.  It is not like the USA with big buildings.  The biggest tent is 10 feet high.  Sitting in the meadow was my favorite thing.

"Whacking' the wagons go past and the clip-clop of the horses on the pebbles.  It was a sunny day and the Shah was passing by.  We all bowed and prayed to him.  He came by me and gave me a box.  I looked inside it and saw a mallet, a chisel, a block of wood, and a paper saying that said, "A toy wagon".  There were two horses inside made of plastic.

I ran home and began.  Shavings were on the floor and my baby brother was catching them.  After a week it was finished and was a work of art.  I took it outside to feed the camels. I put a bit of food in a little berry shell and put in the wagon.  Then I pushed the wagon over to the camels who tipped it over.  I fed the camels and turned around.  I saw the wagon move.  The little horses moved.  I ran into the city if Tabriz.  A man was sitting and eating apples.  I put down the wagon and it ran into the man.  The man had such a fright he fell into an oil well.  He came out black. I then went to the market where I saw a girl knitting.  I put down the wagon and it ran and bumped into her.  She lost all her stitches.  I had such fun.

I lived so happily from then on.

The end.

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