Sunday, January 03, 2010

Moving Pictures

Here are some of the videos we took of our animal experiences.

Day 1 of walking, headed back to the camp in drizzle, Rangers were tracking a buffalo... and they came up right on him.
He was not happy! and became a aggressive.
Right when we arrived at Plains Camp, Bernard made it clear:
When the animals start running, head behind a tree! we did.
Bernard and James worked on scaring off the buffalo, and it took some effort. They were concerned that he wasn't responding. They got him to move around so that he was downwind of us, and then he realized he should just run away.

Here is a bit of video of a Rhino who was not too happy about the big unrecognizable thing (our truck) in the road.

On the first day at Kruger, we set out early to a dead hippo in the trees, just off the road. By this time it was a vulture and hyena feast. We noticed some interesting activity going on with the hyenas, and spent some time trying to figure it out. At first we thought it was some mating aggression, but then we realized it was dominance of one clan over the intruding member of another clan. Marieka is explaining to us how hyena work.

This is the fighting tortoises!! It was the highlight of the day, and we told all the other rangers from the Rhino Post about it. Bernard and James couldn't believe that we were so lucky to catch this... they said that in their 30+ years of experience, they had never seen two tortoises fighting! It was very funny and we spent a long time watching!

Just a personal record of the tent at Plains Camp. The architecture was amazing! The basin and shower were very creative, and the whole look really completed that Imperialist Colonial Explorer look and feel!

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