Tuesday, June 13, 2006

does it matter?

I realized long ago that not everyone would like me.
and at that point, I decided that being me was more important than morphing myself so that everyone would like me.

Now that I'm older, I wonder about this realization and subsequent decision.

I have now come to realize that in order to have successful relationships everywhere in your life (ie work, home, the grocery store) you need to at least consider the viewpoint of the other opinion. This doesn't mean that you are changing yourself; in fact, it really has nothing to do with who you are as a person. But the result is that you have a more successful interation with the person in front of you.

They still may not like you.


Anonymous said...

lot's of people don't liek me...and that's ok. Cause I like me. And I promise not to go on and on about the children I don't have.

Really like oyur blog! I lived in tempe for a time in my youth.

deetour said...

Who wouldn't like you? "That's UNPOSSIBLE!" *said in squeaky voice*

Aaron Stiner said...

So, you don't think your realization to consider the viewpoint of others is change within yourself? Is it change at all? If so, if it is not you who is changing, then who is? And, is there anything wrong with changing yourself? And, doesn't it have something to do wih "who you are as a person?"

Defunct Lisa said...

thanks for visiting Heidi!
I like your blog too, and am happy to find one that isn't all about the stay at home mom thang!

you are sometimes more focused on the process or the details of the account than you are on the result or the message.

Can you really say that changing an opinion is a change in who you are? does it make me something other than a 9; I think not!

Aaron Stiner said...

I am just asking questions but yes, I do believe changing an opinion changes part of who you are b/c your opinions are part of you. For example, if I change my diet, it affects my body, my body is part of who I am. If you change how you look at a situation, it changes your perceptions which change your mind, which is part of who you are. I found it interesting that you had to state that you were not changing yourself so I thought I would ask some questions. I wonder what your response to my questions says?

PS you are an 8.