Monday, June 26, 2006

Ho Hum!

it is SO friggin' hot! it sucks my will to be awake! any remaining energy I save, is required for maintaining my eyelids in the upright position - oh, and driving, 'cause I figure I need to pay attention.
For some reason, I am just not ready, and not adapting to the heat this year... might have something to do with the fact that it IS a little cloudy, which make the humidity go up from itsy bitsy, to itsy... which is enough to have a major effect with the air temp is over 110 !
Jamie Oliver: made my first recipe yesterday - Chicken Tika Masala... humm... kinda fudged one spice item, instead of buying garum masala, I mixed my own from an MSL recipe; not sure that worked too well. Of note, MSL recipes are usually straight forward and outline every tiny spec of a detail. Jamie, as a "wing it" cook, has kinda iffy recipes, which may have contributed to my not getting it quite right. But then, this is a quality I am hoping to learn from Mr. Oliver
so, we are thinking about vacations. I have realized that the older I get, the more regular my breaks from work need to be. One year, we didn't go on vacation at all. That was a BAD idea. I am still trying to make up for that decision. Problem 2: all the yummy vacations we take, usually involve my family. I love them and all, but its not the same as compromise-free lounging. So, we're thinking about going on a family free vacation - with our friends. Is that workable as less of a compromising situation??? I'm hoping.


deetour said...

I NEVER go on vacations. :( Unless a MINI vacation in Vegas counts. I would NEVER go on vacay with my fam either.

brianna said...

vacays with fam are not a vacay at all.

i prefer solo-style (me and the boy), or with the closest friends i know i will get along with.