Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I stopped wanting to have children when my aunt was about 5-6 months pregnant with my first maternal cousin.
I remember her, my mom, and me, sitting in our living room in the house I grew up in, talking about all the things that can go wrong in pregnancy, childbirth, and birthing, and I thought "WHAT?!" and from that point on... children of my loin, no longer became an option. I was 13 at the time, and always rational, figured that this was too young to make drastic decisions, so I figured that I'd see how I felt at 16, and get a hysterectomy then. Well, by 16, I'd learned that you loose some other things with your uterus that are not worth giving up - NO!!, I'm not talking about menstrating! I'd give that up in a heartbeat! its all the other stuff...ESTROGEN...that you don't really want to live without.


my decision not to give birth has never changed.
as I've grown older, my opinion has become stronger, and over the past couple years I have found out that I have 2 friends that feel the same way; and that is:
Giving birth to a child is selfish. Wanting to create a person in the world that has my genes is self-centered. Are my genes really that great that there needs to be another one of me, a little diluted by Greg? I don't think so. Instead, I look at what I have to offer and feel that this strength, guidance, and love, would be musch more appreciated by a child who doesn't, won't, and will never have it unless I volunteer to give it to them. I'm sure that there is pride and satisfaction in your child growing up and becoming a successful contributing member of society - but can you imagine how much greater that feeling if said child was on a track toward felony and imprisonment?


deetour said...

No kiddies for me either. I'm up to 58, 988 reasons. :)

brianna said...

Dee-- how many of those did Tot give you? hahaha. Hanging out with us is the BEST birth control for you, and the only reminder I need to take my BC pill every day ;)