Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lisa's sinus avoiding techniques (edited)

1. if you feel sick IN ANY WAY! take an airborne... if you feel sick the next day, take more!
2. if you feel REALLY bad, follow the airborne with the following: garlic, echinacea, and vitamin C - yup, your pee will be flourescent
3. squirt rhinocort up your nose... I think this has to be prescribed.
4. I nearly forgot! take an all-day allergy medication daily - like allegra or claritin

if this doesn't help avoid, and now you're afflicted, along with your antibiotics, and the 3 items above, do the following:
4. take mucinex!
5. drink the breathe easy tea OR take sudafed... don't do both
6. if you really want to be all holistic.... take mullein drops - but I don't think that actually works.

I am usually able to avoid by overwhelming my body with vitamins, garlic, and rhinocort.


aabart said...

I think you don't get sick because your mind doesn't let you!

Lisa said...

are you talking about me? or people in general?
I'm sure that mind games are a part of it; if you do the things that you believe give you strength to fight, you are fighting.

deetour said...

Whenever I feel like I'm getting sick, I drink much more water than usual.
Does it work?
Most of the time.
I don't get sick too often and when I do, it's usually a throat thing.
Does that mean I need my tonsils out?

Lisa said...

they say you can get more sick more often without your tonsils; so keep them in!! I have mine too ;-)

blackbird said...



blackbird said...