Sunday, June 11, 2006

I need your help

if you go through my links next door, you will notice that they are either my friends, MINI related, or new, first-time mom's (FTM) with attitude. What I've found is that once you find a blog you like, and then you go through the blogs they like, you can find other bloggers with similar style, and that works, however, I started with a FTM.... and they REALLY go on about their kids (except Master B, I have to say). So, I'm trying to find bloggers with dry wit that don't blog about their children. Can you help? or is the blogosphere just completely dominated by these stay-at-home frustrated intellectuals and therefore saturated by their blogs mostly?
LeahPeah is an exception too - not a friend, and not a FTM
Amalah, I guess from her comments, used to be more about herself and now is all about FTMness
Dooce is, I guess, very family... so that's bearable
and Morphing actually has 2 kids.... but still, the theme is about being a mom

why is the world so obsessed with children?


deetour said...

Bri is the only Mom I know that I can actually be friends with. Maybe it's her age or just that she has other things going for her. Either way, it is really hard to find someone who doesn't have to talk about their kids all the time. I find that my clients who have chosen to abstain from childbirth are the most interesting people! My clients with kids have grown up kids, so it is ok, but if they had little babies, I don't know what we would talk about. Thank gawd for Bri. Make more like her please.

missyandchrissy said...

we totally agree with you. but we don't have, or blog about, our kids, so maybe that is why...

blackbird said...

Would you put me in "family?"
I don't write about my kids very often,and I'm probably ten years older than Dooce.

I'm not especially witty, or intellectual either - and I NEVER write about politics.

Defunct Lisa said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!

I think you are funny, you are a good writer, and I visit your blog everyday.

I like the way you express your experiences in your life. I like how you talk about your kids. I don't consider yours to be a "mom" blog, because its more about you and your life... there just happen to be a little, middle, and eldest. Hope my post didn't offend =)

blackbird said...

-not a bit!
glad to hear from you...

bri said...

i don't blog a lot about The Tot because one can only read so many posts about boogers, whining, and ear :) glad i'm BEARABLE!!! haha.