Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November is for blogging, or n=1

I'm not a very good regular blogger. I don't think that I have something worth saying every ... day ... Some of the bloggers I read do, but they are either more practiced, interesting, or patient than me. So, I figured I would give the NaBloPoMo a Go.

(can someone tell me how to add the banner in my sidebar? I don't know anything about html, or blogger templates. I have the .jpg in flickr, what is the code I add here?)

This means that I might be posting some drivel! So I won't be offended if you leave. I know, I don't have patience for scroll and scrolls of text!

And in keeping with my technical writing strengths, I'm going to number these entries like a count..
So for n=1 you get Halloween.

Halloween 1, SUCKY = taking NINETY minutes to drive the 20 miles home. and I left work at 4 ! Next year, I'm leaving work at ONE! or I might just "work at home" all day.

Halloween 2 = Our house looked pretty cute... we each did a pumpkin and I put one on the mailbox, then I lit luminaries all the way down the drive and walkway. We had the smoking cauldron, giant spider, and rats.

Halloween 3 = there were TONS of kids; I nearly ran out of candy; and I had fun.

Halloween 4 = a friend from work and his 3 kids came over (they live very close) and it was fun to actually have some kid-energy IN the house.

Halloween 5 = about 5 cars of people drove in and canvased the neighborhood. I wouldn't have minded if they had separated out, but they decended in one big clump, and that many people do not fit in our outside "vestibule".

Halloween 6 = I got a call from the Harry Mitchell campaign (Aaron), and I told him to call people who a) hadn't voted yet and b) needed to hear WHY they HAVE TO vote for Harry Mitchell

Halloween 7 = people at work dressed up like the Alice in Wonderland characters. Whatever!

Halloween 8, a Thought = if you are out with your kids GETTING candy, it makes sense for the other parent to be at home GIVING IT OUT. ie you complete the circle. When you don't HAVE kids, and you're giving it out, does that count as good karma? hope so

let's see what I can come up with for n=2... I'm curious, aren't you?

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