Friday, November 10, 2006

n=10 A special shout-out

I love Ryan Kennedy.

He got me a response to this issue I was having. And not only that, the person has actually offered to make sure to see the resolution through.

and this brings me to an interesting feeling.
obviously, Mr. Kennedy found my issue because I turned up in a search or some other type of tracking thing he does to find Yahoo! mail out there.
and its kinda funny to "meet" someone this way, and its kinda funny to do "business" by posting a whiney moan in my blog and get help on an issue.
but it also kinda feels good.

I guess, this is an official documenting of my official visibility in the blog world

and I guess I like that.

I haven't been trying very hard to make it happen, so I'm surprised, and I like it!!

but enough about me...

THANK YOU Ryan Kennedy!!! thank you VERY much!!!!!!
for finding me, for pinging "M", for helping!!

(see, it doesn't take much to make me happy)

1 comment:

Ryan Kennedy said...

I love you too, Lisa. I love all our users, especially the ones who kick our ass when we deserve it. ;)

And yes, a Technorati search popped your post up on my radar.