Wednesday, November 08, 2006

n=8 Fall in AZ and Cars

Fall in AZ
How do you tell when its fall in AZ?
well - its November and still 90, there are no clouds, and its still brown; but I found something this morning...
instead of being brown sand or green fields, the cotton is WHITE!!
So that's how you can tell its fall in AZ - the cotton fields are white. Its very beautiful (I suppose I should have taken a photo).
anyway - Cars.
so, my service engine light came on... don't know why... so I took the car in. When you do that, they give you a free rental. I have been given a Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata, and I think a grand am... After all those monsters, I learned the last time, that I should ask for "the smallest car you can give me"... last time, that was a Mazda 3 - MUCH better than the 6, Sonata or grand am... well, today I went in later than the morning rush, and there wasn't much on the lot. I was having Taurus fears, and so I said to the car (eyeing the 3 convertible MINIs) "give me the smallest car you can - yes, I'd take a SMART".
Well - he took me seriously-ish.... and I am now driving a Miata MX5 red convertible !!
I must say, I am impressed. It handles very well, has sufficient power, and there is virtually NO air movement with the top down!! It has the CVT transmission with the shift paddles on the steering wheel and that's kinda fun to play with. I am going to keep it overnight because it is SO MUCH FUN!!

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