Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grr... to Yahoo! Mail

I have been using the new Yahoo! Mail, previously known as Yahoo! Mail Beta for the past year now, at least... well, the other day it stopped working, and I am back in Classic Yahoo! Mail... and I hate it!

I want the new interface back!!

I have sent emails to the Help department EVERY DAY and I still haven't heard what's going on.....

When I try to go in, I get this message "Couldn't open mailbox!"
comeon, that's just mean!!

do any of you use the new Yahoo! Mail? are you kicked out? or is it just me?
Farm 421 needs your help!!!


deetour said...

Hey, I tried to cancel mine and they couldn't seem to process my request. I kept going back to the close your account screen and put my password in and each time it said to unable to process. Geez, it's like quitting AOL.

aabart said...

I am using Beta and have no problems...sorry!

aabart said...

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Ryan Kennedy said...

Lisa, have you tried contacting Yahoo! Customer Care? They can usually help with that kind of thing.


Ryan Kenedy
Yahoo! Mail

Lisa said...

Thanks Ryan Kennedy from Yahoo! Mail. I have sent three emails to the customer care asking for help, and I have replied to the automated responses with a tracking number at least four times. Still - nothing. Maybe you can help?!

Joe Beaulaurier said...


The most frequent solution to isolated web site problems is to clear your browser's cache (aka temporary files). The cache contains files which are reused after being downloaded in order to speed up page loading. Sometimes a file or files will become corrupted and render a site unusable.

You can find instructions on how to clear your cache at http://301url.com/clear-cache .

I hope this helps.


Lisa said...

Joe - been there done that.
It was the first thing I tried.
I've also updated Active X, or something like that.