Monday, November 06, 2006

n=6 serial numbers

Why is it that they put serial numbers in such hard to find places?!
If they know that this number is going to be the one by which they track and follow your piece of equipment for the rest of its existance... why ON EARTH do they put it in such a hard to find/reach/locate place??!!
case in point:
my garage door opener. It has a light cover that is clipped in on the bottom, and screwed on at the top, there is a BIG GREASY POLE stuck into the top, and of course, the top is at the same height as the CEILING of the garage. So I'm having a problem, and I call, and the first thing they want is the serial number. Well, of course, its not on the outside - like it should be, in BIG LETTERS ON THE UNDERSIDE like the roof of emergency vehicles, so I can see it from the FLOOR! - and nor is it on the inside of the light cover AT THE BOTTOM, and no, its not near the top... its UNDER THE BIG METAL GREASY BAR !!! so not only do I have to locate a PHILIPS screwdriver, unscrew the light cover, I also have to find the BIG ladder, and schmoosh my face up close to the BIG METAL GREASY BAR to locate this number.
Keep in mind that my garage is still full of my kitchen cabinets and I need this number so that I can get a replacement "reciever" so that I can program a keypad entry for my garage door so that the contractor can get in and install said cabinets  !
so don't you want to come over and watch while I try to set up the ladder in the garage between the cabinets and get this lovely grease all over me from the lovely bar as I try to find a serial number so that TWO MONTHS from now (when the kitchen is done and already WRECKED), I can get a new receiver to program the keyless remote entry box thing, for which I already threw out the packaging so I can't return it since its more work than its WORTH!
oh, and I nearly forgot, they need the serial number to figure out whether or not the opener is under warranty.... wait a minute! I can help them out with that one, and save myself all this trouble.... the answer is NO!!!!!!!

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