Sunday, November 26, 2006

n=26 ASU

Last night we went to downtown Tempe for dinner, and decided to give Stranger Than Fiction another try. We had gone to the Chandler Fashion Square the night before, 35 mins early, and the movie was sold out. We figured it would be less busy on Mill.
Anyway... when we were parking we noticed a ton of people walking with chairs, we thought it could be the art fair, or a game at the stadium, but no, it was the Festival of Lights. The parade was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen... but, hey, A for effort, Tempe!
We had dinner and walked over to Mill to the team shop. My older 1/2 brother is going to ASU next semester as part of an exchange program. I thought I would get him something in maroon and gold - you know, team spirit and all that.
Being on Mill, so close to the University, we started talking about what it is that those undergrads do for entertainment... anything we say is a guess 'cause we have no idea. And we realized, that D being here will give us the inside scoop. Then I thought that it was kinda weird that this is where I've called home for the last 6 years, and I've never been a part of ASU. Yet, here comes my brother for a couple of months, and he's going to be more "in" than I have ever been. I have lived so far away from family for so long that its really weird for me to think of someone in my family living in the same place as me.
I am SO excited about being near D for this time, I can't even tell you. Even if I only see him a couple of times, its really cool to think that he will have an experience of my "home" even if its from a more drunk point of view than mine usually is.
And yes, Stranger Than Fiction was worth all the trying... it was a very nice movie. Just my style - kinda slow, interesting characters, humor, and nice.

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