Thursday, November 23, 2006

n=23 public or private

I have a very unique name. In all the years of my life I have never met, seen, or heard of someone else with my name. In all the years of me being on the internet, I have gone to register at a website, and found that my name is still available. I do a search on my name, and everything that comes up is something about me.

So, when I wanted to experiment with Blogger, I used my name. You can tell by my archives that I didn't post for a while, and then when I came back to actually blog, I used this site instead of creating a new one. And now I have my audience of you, and you know who I am.

In my surfing of blogs I have learned that there are people out there who have had very bad experiences when their blogs have become linked to them. And so I have been wondering about my "safety" since mine is so, so, public and so, so connected to me.

Would it be a problem for my employer to read my site? my employees? my collegues? and what if I go looking for another job? How would this site represent me?

I have tried to be honest, and have integrity in how I post. But I do swear, I do post some of my more "radical" opinions, would all of that have an affect*?

so, I've been wondering lately if I should be more careful, switch to a more anonymous site, or let it go.

*if its effect, just keep it to yourself, I've been sitting in my bed for 3 hours screwing around online, I don't feel like thinking about aff's and eff's!!

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Unknown said...

Posting as you, instead of hidden, allows people to find you and you to know you are expressing yourself. Being a capable adult, you would know how to ditch the blog space if/when someone decided to stalk you or some other crazy thing. As far as work goes, you're not the type to reveal super-secret stuff that would get you in trouble. Sure, you are frustrated sometimes, but I suspect the people you work with KNOW that! For younger kids, I think it is safer not to use the real you, the personal photo, etc, because somehow I worry that they would not know when or how to ditch the identity. For everyone else I say 'go real.' Unless, of course, you have nothing real to say, in which case, do comments.