Saturday, November 25, 2006

n=25 oh, that American holiday of thanks

So, not being an American by birth.... meant that I had to learn about Thanksgiving. I think that eventhough I'd been in the US three years before college, it was college where I first was affected by the holiday. We had the four days off school, and I had to figure out what to do. At first it was all very confusing because noone could answer my two questions... what is Thanksgiving, and when is Thanksgiving, yup, more "ah, dunno"'s than answers. But I soon learned about pilgrims and giving thanks and all that.
Every year, I'd experience some other friend's family tradition of the holiday. My mother being miles away, and the rest of my family miles, miles, and miles away, and besides, we all didn't really care!
So sitting at different dinner tables and learning the different traditions and recipes was really fun - especially for an anthro major, of course!
Now that I have been through it for, oh, so many years, I have done the whole dinner myself, I have maintained my tradition of visiting, it has come to be my favorite holiday.
Non-denominational, EVERYONE participates, its associated with being with family or friends, and everyone either talks or thinks about giving thanks.
But today, I realized that now I have another reason in my back pocket. I get four days off work... and so does everyone else... so its not like there are accumulating emails and messages... there's just nothing.
Anyway.... I have a lot to be thankful for, but right now, I'd just like to let you know, you Americans, that I am thankful to you for your holiday of thanks.
PS. I'd just like to add that this year may have been my favorite experience. My friends have been doing potluck T'givings for a while now, everyone bringing a different dish. Starting last year, it seemed we hit a groove because the food was incredible, well, this year, not only was the food great, but we had this controlled frenzy of activity and energy with the addition of new people, some very cool kids, a really cute toddler, and the usual cast. I am very grateful for my friends here in AZ, and when we have a clicking good time at a potluck like that, I know we are all in a good place.

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