Tuesday, November 14, 2006

n=14 high emotion

What do you do when you are in a moment and your emotions get elevated?
Do you scream and shout? do you punch and hit? do you hold it in and release it later?

What about a situation that you go into with high emotion but you know you have to keep it under control?
Do you talk softer? does your voice crackle? do you scream and shout?

I cry.
GOD I hate it!
Its not sobbing crying, just tears running down my face.
It looks like weakness, but its just the release of emotion, and when I am angry, that's the physical response. It really does not work. And every time I'm in one of those situations, I think "control it, control it"...
but it never fails.
My physical response wins.

this is just not a good behavior if you want to be considered seriously at work

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Aaron Stiner said...

I get whiny and needy. I want people to tell me I am okay, and I am a "good boy"...also not a good strategy if I want to be taken seriously at work!