Tuesday, November 28, 2006

n=28 home stretch

Three more days of blogging in Nov to make the goal!! And one more night and day away from home, so home stretch on two fronts.

I've realized being here that a lot of my musings come during traffic driving, and so when I'm not driving in traffic, I'm not really musing... now airplanes... you can look through my archives for the insightful uplifting things I've written on airplanes... not!

Geez - preview of Happy Feet on HBO... this seems to be pretty much the WHOLE movie with narration! and does it look cheezy.... I was hoping it would be like the Madagascar penguins... but, ah, no, its the Marching movie in English and animation.

I'll see you guys tomorrow due to tiredness of the right now.


Aaron Stiner said...

A friend saw "Happy Feet" and did not recommend it for adults.

Congrats on your posting bonanza, nice job!

Chris Cactus said...

Think I'll skip the Happy Feet myself. However something tells me I'll own it and play it endlessly when it comes out on DVD. It's right up my daughter's alley.